Weekend in Edinburgh

Hello, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.  I have been very lucky to have a weekend in Edinburgh.  On Friday morning once the boys went to school, Peter and I got the train from Darlington to Edinburgh.  We managed to get an earlier train than planned and so arrived at Waverley station around 11.30.

I decided to cast on a new project for the weekend, it is my first time knitting a Stephen West pattern.  I have chosen the Vertices Unite shawl.  I am just relearning how to knit after many years so I thought this would be a good shawl to learn some new techniques. I am going to use a number of different Opal 4 ply yarns.  This first section I am using a super bright Pink and a sparkle shaded yarn. It is going to be very bright and eye-catching,

Train knitting Vertices UniteLook at that sparkle :-)

Lots and lots of walking and great weather I have been to Edinburgh a few times but not for a very long time so I don't know my way around.  We really enjoyed walking around and exploring  the city.  The weather was amazing as well, so hot in fact I had to buy some sun tan lotion.

Edinburgh castle


Waverly Train Station

A few wooly purchases I found two wool shops during our walk around the first was Kathy's Knits.  I should have taken some pattern ideas as soon as I go into a yarn shop I can never remember what yarn I want.  I also bought some new Hiya Hiya sharps because I only took Knit pros with me and I don't really enjoy knitting with them.

Ripples Crafts

Next we found Ginger Twist Studio which is the smallest yarn shop I have ever seen but is filled with lots of lovely yarns and accessories.

This is the hand dyed yarn I chose.

Ginger Twist Yarns

I am not sure what I will use these for but it is nice to add to my very small yarn stash.

Harry Potter There are so much fun Harry Potter themed shops and places in Edinburgh.  We went for coffee and cake at The Elephant House where JK Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books.


The Elephant House

View from the window

A few Harry Potter purchases

A few random photographs from Edinburgh.....

Big thank you to Mam for looking after the boys for us,

Louise x